Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to take a great family vacation for less than $350

Hauled off a little over 500lbs of trash today. The guy dumping next to me threw out a perfectly good pallet, so I tossed it in the truck and lowered the weight that would be considered what I dumped to 480lbs. By the way, 500lbs or less is $12, and 500 to 1000lbs is $22, so I basically saved $12 for picking up that +/- 40lb pallet, which has a multitude of uses for a hillbilly like me. Writing: The Dry Spell has Came to an End is still pulling in views, I guess it's predominately positioned. Two more Yahoo! articles were published, one on a brief review of tech industry developments of 2011, which is crap, and How to take a great family vacation for less than $350, which was pretty good and REAL. I got into it and went over the word count, though that doesn't seem to matter. Also cooked some navy bean and kale soup last night, lots of gas today. Thought you(read ME) would like to know that.

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