Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hillbilly Living becomes the King's Journal but just for the Author

Lots of good exercise today. Did I mention that I work out? Did back and biceps, then abs, then ran. Saw my 20 week baby on ultrasound this morning too. WOW. I'm gonna have a kid. Good thing I have this lucrative writing thing going on, huh? That was a joke. Yahoo! published my "real talk" christmas poem called Christmas is Coming and You Can't Hide. Then they published a half real political piece called Is it Time for America to Have a Third Party Presidential Candidate? Yahoo! is so great. It pays me roughly half of minimum wage to write opinion pieces that almost nobody reads. I can't complain, though, as this blog pays me nothing and I'm the only one who reads it. It's kind of like a having a diary that you can't close or even hide. That sounds kind of sissy like. Let's call it a "Journal" or better yet the "Captain's log".Well, maybe not. I'm not a captain. But I am the master of my domain, so how about the "MASTER'S LOG" no, that sounds kind of....funny. As the only man on the hill I live on I guess that makes me the king of my hill.  King's no no.......ah.  This blog will here now and ever after be referred to in my mind as the KING'S JOURNAL.
I've decided to cut back on the Hubpages as the Yahoo! Associated Content seems to be where it's at. I've been writing a bit since the last post. I did a haiku called A Change to Them a Constant,  a cinquain called Wide Open Sky, a funny story based on a joke called Williams Decision and an opinion piece on what I thought about Mississippi's proposed  Personhood Amendment.  Also, I banged out a list of Ice Fishing gear and a list of Ice Fishing lingo just to remind everyone that I don't have a soul and that I sold out before I started. And there's more commercial writing to come, too. BTW the no shave November article has only been holding at about 50 per day.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Finally managed to post my Garmin 255WT review for free. I also banged out a piece of poetry . Sorry but I'm sleepy now. Later.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Wrote a short story, "What Came Was Desolation" for the Hubpages art contest. Thought it needed more polishing, but it was fun to write...until 4am. The wife wasn't too happy, but that's life.

Also wrote, published, and got paid for an article on making homemade wooden snowshoes, a subject I don't really know well, and one on Jim Morrison's poetry, which I know pretty well. My product review on my GPS has been rejected 3 times and now they are telling me that it's not eligible for up-front payment, so I'll just publish it for performance. Oh well. At least my wife likes video games now: I got her hooked on Angry Birds. Life is good.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How long till overpopulation?

Took my wife to the doctor for a prenatal checkup today. With a baby on the way it's a good time to think about the increasing population, which I wrote an article on at Associated Content. It's called "How long will there be enough to go around?" Oh, by the way the Lego Man experiment didn't go so well, but the No Shave November page is pulling in a lot of views. More to come.