Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hillbilly Living becomes the King's Journal but just for the Author

Lots of good exercise today. Did I mention that I work out? Did back and biceps, then abs, then ran. Saw my 20 week baby on ultrasound this morning too. WOW. I'm gonna have a kid. Good thing I have this lucrative writing thing going on, huh? That was a joke. Yahoo! published my "real talk" christmas poem called Christmas is Coming and You Can't Hide. Then they published a half real political piece called Is it Time for America to Have a Third Party Presidential Candidate? Yahoo! is so great. It pays me roughly half of minimum wage to write opinion pieces that almost nobody reads. I can't complain, though, as this blog pays me nothing and I'm the only one who reads it. It's kind of like a having a diary that you can't close or even hide. That sounds kind of sissy like. Let's call it a "Journal" or better yet the "Captain's log".Well, maybe not. I'm not a captain. But I am the master of my domain, so how about the "MASTER'S LOG" no, that sounds kind of....funny. As the only man on the hill I live on I guess that makes me the king of my hill.  King's no no.......ah.  This blog will here now and ever after be referred to in my mind as the KING'S JOURNAL.

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