Monday, December 26, 2011


Wow, In less than a day they replied and let me know my story was crap. Well, that they were going to "pass on it" That's ok though, tonight I submitted it to Ideomancer, another e-zine. This one has a .59% acceptance rate, so I have more than a 99% chance of being rejected! I can't wait to see how they word this rejection, maybe I'll get a "not for us" or a "good, but not good enough."  That's all. Time to go watch SPARTICUS

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ho ho ho

Merry Holidays internet. I just enjoyed the December 25 gifts. I got a small electric fryer, lots of plans are formulating for it. I just polished and sent off my first "serious" short story for publication. It's a fantasy story and I sent it to The Colored Lens, which is a pretty mainstream e zine which Duotrope, a popular online writer's resource, says has a 96% rejection rate. So it's probably going to get rejected, but I had to aim kind of high. If it gets published I only get paid $20, but to me It's more about doing it than the money. But the money is still pretty important. Now, what to fry...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to take a great family vacation for less than $350

Hauled off a little over 500lbs of trash today. The guy dumping next to me threw out a perfectly good pallet, so I tossed it in the truck and lowered the weight that would be considered what I dumped to 480lbs. By the way, 500lbs or less is $12, and 500 to 1000lbs is $22, so I basically saved $12 for picking up that +/- 40lb pallet, which has a multitude of uses for a hillbilly like me. Writing: The Dry Spell has Came to an End is still pulling in views, I guess it's predominately positioned. Two more Yahoo! articles were published, one on a brief review of tech industry developments of 2011, which is crap, and How to take a great family vacation for less than $350, which was pretty good and REAL. I got into it and went over the word count, though that doesn't seem to matter. Also cooked some navy bean and kale soup last night, lots of gas today. Thought you(read ME) would like to know that.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I felt my baby to be kick last night and again today. Fun. She(or maybe he) is supposed to be out in about three months. Ran my 5k in a terrible 30min today, felt like crap the whole time. I think I still haven't recovered from my work weekend, then sleeping 12 hours and not having a real breakfast before I left may have had something to do with it. Did I mention I could't sleep this weekend? From Thursday morning to Sunday night I worked about 40hrs, ran some, and slept LESS THAN 10hrs, don't know why. I only worked 4 hrs Thursday, so I wasn't sleepy, but I don't know why I had trouble sleeping the other nights. I'm caught up now, though. I know this blog is pointless to others, but I enjoy it. Thought I should state that.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back (to stay?)

Sleepy.... Sorry about the lapse, I've been lazy...errr busy. I wrote a realish thing called The Modern Economy May Require New Retirement Directions, A thing about Supreme Court Justice Misconduct, Three Ways to Renovate your Kitchen This Winter, which was real, a thing on Orange Bowl Travel Packages, a thing on Basketball Bama Merchandise, which was soulless along with one or two just like it(too tired to figure out which ones) and I got paid a few bucks for each. Yahoo! Associated Content became Yahoo! Voices and I had to change ALL OF MY LINKS here and everywhere else. Crap. I monetized my you tube as well. So tiered. FITNESS  I'm back up to 5 mi. running and my current 5k is a weak 29min. I'm good for pull ups 12, 10, 10, 8, 8 or so and two weeks ago I banged out 60 push ups in a row with kind of crappy form. I recently tried my buddies p90x yoga and liked it. My dogs keep rotating. As one leaves another shows up. Right now I have three puppies, one alpha female and two males. Recently fixed my messed up drawer by putting a screw in the rail to keep it from sliding in too far and tearing it apart. I suppose that's all for now. I hope to keep up with my updates better in the future, if only for myself. So sleepy, working lots of doubles and mornings....