Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The backward-assed system

I did some research today and found out that I won't qualify for medicaid for my wife's birth, even though the total household income is less than $300 per week and I have no insurance. Why? Because I denied myself immediate gratification and saved what little scraps of money I have. I drive a beat up 17 year old Saturn and eat Great Value. I have never got more than $700 back on a tax return, hell , I had to pay the feds the last two years. I've been putting money back from my low-lower class income for a few years to retire on one day and now that money is too large of an asset (it's not even enough to buy a new car) to qualify for medicaid. If I had been stupid and squandered my money the government would help me, but now I will have to dip into my hard-earned(janitor, cook,carpenter, factory production work) money to pay to have a baby while the people      earning the same as me or not working at all who are making payments on brand new cars and using smart phones send the government the bill. There goes my those years of savings. Sure, I could move the money to a relatives name and lie, but that would make me no better than all the lazy pieces of shit in the world. I generally take the high road in life, and though it's bound to suck as it usually does, that's what i'm going to do with this, too. I don't believe in divine retribution, the lazy people are probably making the smarter decision, but I still have my dignity.

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