Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some good reasons not to smoke

I posted this short article on how to quit smoking last night and today found myself thinking of some of the ways I'm better off now that I have quit. Here's a list, in no particular order. If you think of more put them in the comments.

more energy-I've picked up running and exercise

more willpower/determination-see above+I get a lot more done

less chance of cancer

more money

the ability to stay indoors/occupied for more than an hour at a time-no more smoke breaks

more testosterone-smoking inhibits testosterone production in men, lowering sex drive and overall masculinity (I understand non-smoking women also have gender specific benefits, see Google)

vast improvements in the auto immune system-no colds, sore throats, or coughs, and only one time with a runny nose in a year.

better smelling breath

whiter teeth

I can stay at home for a few days-no need to go to the store for smokes (I live in the country)

no need to leave a conversation/movie/dinner/ect. for a smoke break

more endurance/stamina

overall empowerment-Since defeating cigarettes I have been gaining the above benefits and continuing to get stronger, faster, and tougher, both physically and mentally. I see most people/obstacles/tasks  that were imposing before in a new light that shows them as they are, conquerable.

Disadvantages: More likely to strangle someone, having a lighter in your pocket comes in handy sometimes.

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